“Those were the soaring days. I can tell you that I had never lived before, nor known my own soul . . . It was that night that I first felt the all-possessing thrill of love. I felt as if my body had been turned inside out. I wanted to keep the moment for all time, indissoluble.”


A spellbinding novel of love and courage that traces the life of a beautiful woman in a changing Ireland.
The war in Europe is over, and change is about to brush away the old order. Soaring across the decades that follow Ireland’s newly won independence, sweeping across the fierce class issues and battles over land ownership that once defined Irish society, The Sea and the Silence is an epic love story set inside the fading grandeur of the Anglo-Irish class.

A powerful novel from one of Ireland’s best writers on the turbulent birth of a nation, and the lovers it divides.

Peter Cunningham is a writer of great gifts” – Barry Unsworth, Booker Prize winner.


“A terrific novel . . .moving and hugely entertaining.” – Roddy Doyle, Booker Prize winner.

“I could not put this book down.” – Amazon reviewer, Marie’s Read. 5 stars

“Wow! This was a gem.” – Amazon reviewer, Kellsymw.  5 stars

“I completely lost myself.” – Amazon reviewer, Vicki. 5 stars