SISTER CARAVAGGIO (With Maeve Binchy & others)

“During the passage of those sultry summer nights, Sister Alice often wondered if she had really shot the man. Squeezed the trigger with soft and knowing stealth and then watched his head explode . . . Could she have done that? Dismay seized Sister Alice as the old images returned. At such moments, God seemed very far away.”


When a priceless Caravaggio mysteriously disappears from a convent in rural Ireland, it seems like the last straw for the little community. The nuns, who depend on ticket sales to curious tourists, will have to sell up and leave.
But the indomitable Sister Alice, with the help of the abbey’s computer-savvy librarian, Sister Mary Magdalene, their habits for high heels and set out into the criminal underworld to track down the painting .

A delightful romp from the much-loved Number 1 bestselling author

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“A fast, furious and frequently comic crime caper which will help kill the long winter nights” –  Irish Independent

“The twists and turns were amazing. I almost finished it in one sitting.” – Amazon reviewer RmlRinty. 5 stars

“Suspenseful, funny, very enjoyable. Thank you.” – Amazon reviewer Karyl Carlson. 5 stars

“A fantastic ride!” – Amazon reviewer. Pamela Peery. 5 stars