“I was in love. I’d heard about this, but like everything else in life it had to be encountered before it could be believed. The outline of my love came into view: the texture of her copper hair, the shape of her face, the slimness of her shoulders, her collected waist, the way her hips filled her blue jeans, her red shoes and her toes whose nails blushed with ruby varnish.”


When Jasmine joins the staff of the Monument Gazette, she finds herself falling in love with Kaiser, a man whose childhood is shrouded in mystery. She resolves to learn the truth about his origins. But as she delves into the history of Monument and the three generations of the Pender family who have owned and run the Gazette, she uncovers not only Kaiser’s violent past, but also an appalling secret that threatens to shatter many lives, not least her own.


“Peter Cunningham writes beautifully; each character is expertly defined.” – Literary Review

“A classic.” – The Irish Times

“Superb.” – The Cork Examiner

“Highly recommended.” – pinkpic Amazon reviewer. 5 stars.