“Mine is a tale of great love. How could it be otherwise, given my origins? Don’t judge too harshly, my friend. Long ago, before you were born, there happened something that changed our lives for ever. I took the blame alone. Yet in that lay the source of all my happiness.”


D-Day on a Normandy beach. A flip of a coin seals the destinies of two men in love and war. From one of Ireland’s finest writers, Consequences of the Heart is an epic story of passion and fate, of cowardice and bravery, of adultery and of murder.

A work of powerful and sensual lyricism, effortless characterization and sparkling humour with brilliantly evoked wartime scenes.


“A splendidly lush, richly eloquent chronicle of two intertwined careers in a changing Ireland, and of the woman both men adore.” – London Independent

“If you want a page turner, with all the emotions you can jam between two covers, this is it. An absolute pleasure.” – Amazon reviewer, John Spence.  5 stars

“Reading it was a joy.” – Amazon reviewer, Lyricsofber. 5 stars

“I was riveted, right up to the last line.” – Amazon reviewer, Mary Josefina Cade. 5 stars

Italian Press

Le conseguenze del cuore by Peter Cunningham
SEM Milano September 2019

An epic story of passion and destiny, of cowardice and courage, of adultery and murder. A work of powerful and sensual lyricism, and sparkling humour…from one of Ireland’s best writers.

A dance that will leave readers shaken and moved, thanks to the majestic lyricism of this Irish writer.

The story and evolution of Ireland told with great realism. 
Il Libraio

Peter Cunningham weaves rows of episodes and characters with unlimited narrative ease. 
La lettura