Italian Reviews

Consequences of the Heart was published in September 2019 by SEM, Milano, as Le conseguenze del cuore. (Translation by Laura Grandi)

The novel has received high praise from Italian writers and reviewers.

“The town of Monument [in Consequences of the Heart] has magical aspects that remind me of nothing less than Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Macondo.”
Masolino d’Amico

“Cunningham is masterly and uncompromising as he plumbs the emotional world of characters who, to some extent, embody the changing history of Ireland.”

Renzo S. Crivelli

“A beautiful story of love and emotion, of love, war, and life in a provincial town, but above all about how rivalry and friendship can coexist.”
Liana Messina
F Magazine

“An epic story of passion and destiny, of cowardice and courage, of adultery and murder. A work of powerful and sensual lyricism, and sparkling humour…from one of Ireland’s best writers.
Linkiesta, Italy

“A dance that will leave readers shaken and moved, thanks to the majestic lyricism of this Irish writer.”

“Peter Cunningham weaves rows of episodes and characters with unlimited narrative ease.”
La lettura
Corriere della Sera

“A pulsating novel that bears all the powerful breath of classics such as Jules and Jim.”  
“For Cunningham’s characters love can win through conflicts, crises and the judgement of a cruel world.”  
 Io Donna