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Season 1 Chapter 9

THE STORY SO FAR By my calculations, this is my ninth meeting with Evelyn, my neighbour. Back in October when I agreed to try and help her with ambition to become the next Margaret Atwood, I never thought we would get this far. But here we are, almost at Christmas, and still speaking. Evelyn’s moods […]

Season 1 Chapter 8

THE STORY SO FAR I’ve been meeting my neighbour, Evelyn, for nearly two months now to discuss creative writing. A lot has changed in that time – for Evelyn. When we began she was a lonely widow in need of help. Now she’s much happier since she has admitted to me that she was a […]


INGREDIENTS 250 g self-raising flour Pinch of salt Half a teaspoon of ground cloves 125 g butter 3 or 4 large cooking apples 200 g sugar 2 eggs A little milk to mix WHAT TO DO Line large tin with baking paper Sieve flour, salt and spice into a bowl Cut in butter and rub […]

Season 1 Chapter 7

THE STORY SO FAR Since the beginning of October I’ve been meeting my neighbour, Evelyn, once every week or ten days, to discuss what happens when you try to write a novel. Evelyn’s husband Bill passed away two years ago, so everyone around here wants to help her however they can. She’s agreed that I […]


INGREDIENTS 300 g butter I medium size onion 1 large potato 1 large head of lettuce 500 ml chicken stock Salt and pepper WHAT TO DO Melt butter in pan Finely chop the onion and add Fry gently until soft Dice potato and add to pan Stir in the stock Bring to the boil, lower […]


UPDATED ENTRIES Titles submitted by readers on Twitter and on www.petercunninghambooks.com/favourite-book   Entries close at 6.00 p.m. on Thursday 12 December 2019. All entries will go into a draw on Monday 16th December. Evelyn will draw the winning entrant who will be announced on Twitter. The prize: hardback copy of The Trout by Peter Cunningham […]


INGEDIENTS 500g minced lamb 1 small onion, chopped 1 garlic clove, minced ½ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon celery salt ¼ teaspoon ground cloves ½ teaspoon cinnamon ½ cup water ½ cup /125 ml breadcrumbs 900g peeled potatoes WHAT TO DO Preheat oven to 200° Put the potatoes on to boil Place all the ingredients except […]


THE INGREDIENTS Half a cucumber, thinly sliced 50 g onion cut into fine rings 50 g castor sugar A heaped teaspoon of salt 40 ml wine vinegar OR 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar WHAT TO DO Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl Transfer to pots Leave to marinate for 1 hour

Season 1 Chapter 6

THE STORY SO FAR I’m pushing the boat out this evening to mark the fact that Evelyn and I have been meeting since late September and are still on speaking terms. She says she wants to write a novel and would like my advice. In order to help her I’ve been forced to analyse what […]


INGREDIENTS 2 g margarine 2 g sugar 3 eggs 2 f flour Pinch of salt Coffee Whiskey Cream WHAT TO DO Beat butter and sugar Add egg yolks and flour Beat egg whites and add Cook for 30-35 mins at 180 degrees When cool pour in 250 ml black coffee and an eggcup of whiskey […]

Season 1 Chapter 5

THE STORY SO FAR A couple of months ago, when we were all still clinging to the dying embers of summer, my neighbour, Evelyn, asked me if I would talk to her about what happens when one sits down to write writes a novel. I agreed. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Maybe I should have declined […]


INGREDIENTS (For 4 people) 4 cooked smoked mackerel An equal weight of crème fraiche Lemon juice Pepper Horseradish sauce WHAT TO DO Skin the mackerel and put into liquidizer Add the crème fraiche Add the juice of half the lemon Add a pinch of pepper Add half a teaspoon of horseradish sauce Liquidize Put the […]

Season 1 Chapter 4

THE STORY SO FAR Ever since she told me she wants to write a novel my neighbour, Evelyn, has been coming over here once a week and I’ve been trying to make helpful suggestions. My family has now begun to refer to me as ‘the professor’. An early road-block in this process was Evelyn’s fixation […]


THE INGREDIENTS 150 ml water 200g cane sugar Grated zest and juice of 8 unwaxed lemons 700 ml vodka WHAT TO DO Dissolve water and sugar over medium heat Boil then simmer for 3 to 4 minutes until the liquid is syrupy Remove from heat, add the zest and juice and leave to cool Pour […]

Season 1 Chapter 2

THE STORY SO FAR Our neighbour Evelyn has asked for my help in writing a novel. She tells me she can be the next Margaret Atwood. I’ve agreed to help, despite grave misgivings. To be honest, I’m dreading the next step. I’m a writer, not a teacher, as I told Evelyn. She’s asking me to […]


THE INGREDIENTS 500g ripe sloes* 250g golden castor sugar 1 litre of Cork Dry Gin *Sloes are purple-blue waxy fruits found in autumn on blackthorn bushes. WHAT TO DO Rinse and pick over the sloes, then pat dry in a clean tea towel. Using a stainless steel fork or cocktail stick, prick the sloes and […]


What you need:

225g/8oz Odlums Self Raising Flour
150ml/¼pt Milk (approx)
Pinch of Salt
25g/1 oz Shamrock Golden Caster Sugar (optional)
25g/1 oz Butter or Margarine
Above quantities may be doubled if you wish!